6 August 2015
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With PR PRO you get a clear action plan. We examine your image, brand and reputation.

In a personal brainstorm session you discuss with the Personal PR Manager your goals and objectives. We guide you towards more sales by increasing your network, devising efficient PR activities, making video commercials, generating publicity, binding online followers to you, identificating your service(s) and/or product(s) and increasing your knowledge about PR and marketing.

PR4ALL creates with you creative (advertising) actions that if desired can be carried out with our PR professionals.

You choose PR PRO and get:

  • 24 hours of support from your Personal PR-Manager
  • 1 hour PR Quickscan
  • 3 hours PR Brainstorm
  • Image, brand and reputation check
  • Social media check
  • 3x a year a design of a PR campaign
  • 1 Press release writing and sending
  • A Personal PR Roadmap
  • Access to the PR4ALL Seminar
  • 3x a year a Social media Video
  • Access to the PR4ALL portal


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